Our equipment been has been collecting a bit of dust during this past frigid winter, we think it’s time we start priming our engines, dusting off the ol’cobwebs and get back into motion. Here’s an event/promo video hot-off-the-presses of the fund-raiser for the feature movie Canswer by Arcilesi Films. Check it out here… Canswer: Fundraising the Dead

Capturing all sorts of Nöiz

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All’s Quiet in the NöizRoom
One thing we have dropped the ball on is a few projects for the independent filmmaker, Alfredo Salvatore Arcilisi. There are still a few behind-the-scenes and an event shoot that are in our editing bay and are considered a work-in-progress. We are currently editing the Canswer FundRaising the Dead Event and a behind-the-scenes look at an ADR studio session with Alfredo.


Capturing all sorts of Nöiz



Under Shaky Ground
Rummaging though basements seem to be the thing to do this year. First, we found the lost master tapes of the now defunct 90’s rock band The Line, and now the lost 8-track master tape of the project worked on about a year after The Line parted ways. Shaky Ground was a R&B cover band that never quite lifted off the ground, oh we had a few gigs, but nothing significant. What was significant was the friendships that were forged and still thrive to this day.

The Tape
Now to figure out how to tackle this challenge. It’s good to know people in the audio business, I’ll say that again, it’s good to know people in the audio business. ‘Wolfe’ Hassel has again proven to be a valuable resource by providing an essential piece of hardware, a Tascam TSR-8 1/2-inch 8-track machine. George G., our resident reel-to-reel tape guru, has re-wrapped and baked the tape as he had previously done with The Line’s 1/4-inch tapes.

George has 2-track and 4-track 1/4-inch tape machines but these tapes are 1/2-inch 8-track tapes. Now faced with a different hurdle, digitizing the 8-tracks. The NöizRoom had to dig out some older  gear to capture the ground shaking with tunes from the Shaky Ground tape.

The Transfer
Got the ol’Apple G4 iBook up and running, connected our Presonus FirePod (FP10) 24-bit/96K recording system and fired up Apple Logic 7. Mix-down will most-likely be done with Apple Logic 9.

This is proving to be a fun summer. 🙂

Capturing all sorts of Nöiz

It takes a lot of gumption and fortitude to make movies but Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi is one of those rare individuals who has a calm tenacious quality that handles several projects at once, in short… he’s a natural.

Last year we were privileged enough to help with Alfredo’s latest project titled ‘Canswer.’ Canswer is an independent Canadian film shot in Toronto, Canada. Alfredo enlisted the NöizRoom to capture behind-the-scenes footage while the filming

It hasn’t ended there, post-production is where much of the time creating a movie lies and Alfredo wanted to capture as much as he could. The NöizRoom is currently capturing some of these glorious moments.

Capturing all sorts of Nöiz

W.I.P. in Post


Live at Encore Rehearsal Studios: The Angela Saini Sessions
The brain-child of Apexcruncer’s Nelson Peixoto, Live at Encore Rehearsal Studios: The Angela Saini Sessions is an intimate live acoustic-session. The performance featured a few previously released songs as well as unreleased songs. The event was used as a fund-raiser to help Angela finance her current independent EP which was being recorded in a local studio.

Back in January of 2013 Mo’zArt Productions was approached by Apexcruncher Productions to collaborate on the production of a live performance of singer/songwriter Angela Saini. Apexcruncher Productions secured Encore Rehearsal Studios as the venue, put together a crew ( the NöizRoom and independent videographer Michelle Reza on cameras along with audio engineer Todd Page capturing the aural nuances.

Close to You and Dear Diary are two songs from the “Sessions” that are being released, the remaining songs will released as they are ready.

Direct Link to GrapeTV – Mo’zArt Productions YouTube channel


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A Heartbeat


It seems rather quiet in the NöizRoom but if you listen carefully you might hear a heartbeat.

Over the last little, the NöizRoom has been working with Apexcruncher Productions and our own Mo’zArt Productions on “Live at Encore Rehearsal Studios: The Angela Saini Sessions.” This video project was shot at Encore Rehearsal Studios in January of this year and features 10 songs (5 unreleased) from Canadian independent singer/songwriter Angela SainiDear Diary and  Close to You are two songs from the “Sessions” that are released by Mo’zArt Productions, the other songs will released as they are ready.

In addition to the Angela Saini project, the NöizRoom has been prepping other projects.

Sit back and listen carefully, you might hear a whisper of breath.

Capturing all sorts of Nöiz


It’s often said that musicians today have a much better opportunities to do high quality recording and distribution right from their own homes. Back in the day, you’d have to go to a recording studio, which was expensive, and record your songs. The advances in recording technology in the 80’s helped musicians record their own demo tapes that they could use to showcase the songs to record (albeit lower-quality). Recording 2-tracks (stereo) was commonplace, the advent that anyone could record 4 or more tracks revolutionized the industry. The release of the Tascam 144 Portastudio in ’79, which retailed for about $1200.00, was one of the first relatively affordable 4-track. This was still too expensive for the average musician but within the following 10 years, the price became much more reasonable.
70’s used for glimpse of 90’s in today’s teens.
The year was 1991 and the world was definitely a different place than it is today. The 8-track cassette had long been replaced by the cassette and while CDs were available, albums still ruled the roost. DAT (digital audio tape) recorders had just become ‘more available’ to the masses. 8-track reel-to-reel recorders had become more affordable but were still out of the reach of most musicians. Home recording of your band was not commonplace and was considered very difficult but there were a few mavericks that did invest in the ‘lower-end” multi-track recorders such as the Fostex A8 and the like.
Reels Uncovered
The NöizRoom recently uncovered some material from a little known Toronto rock band that we were involved with in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This particular group of musicians disbanded in the early 90’s, all following different somewhat diverse paths and barely maintaining contact through a thread of circumstances. The unearthing of this material has started a small chain reaction sparking a few ‘projects’ that might surface as a re-release and possibly a documentary.

Capturing all sorts of Nöiz

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